Travelling with Indochina Expedition local Way & Standard Service


Value...that's what you get when you take Indochina Expedition for holiday
First-class lodging and dining, top-quality Jeep & Old timer Land Rover and Mountain Bike with full Vehicle support, regional expertise, Premium outstanding guides. All combined to give you an experience of Local, Sharing explore, learn, fun, active, safe, scenic, and absolutely care-free Holiday.


We know the Country of Indochina very well - it is the only region in which we conduct Journey, and Adventure holiday are our specialty. We have adventured in many great places in the Indochina, but we believe that Cambodia offers some of the best adventure holiday in the Indochina. We have spent months at a time exploring this vast and amazing region by Jeep, Landover and we have selected locations that provide experiences that appeal to us as adventure holidays, and we feel they will appeal to you as well. If you would like to combine your Adventure holiday touring with conventional sightseeing, we will be more than happy to arrange this type of holiday for you.


When we say it's a multi-days Journey, we mean multi-active days - no wasted "meeting" day at the beginning and "holiday" day at the end. We have activities planned on each day of your Holiday, even on layover days - you can choose to do as much or as little as you wish.


Being an independent and local tour operator; means that we operate our own Jeep , Land rover Adventure. We can guarantee the information we provide to our customers, as well as the quality of our service. Benefits Local services, give right destination to Customers We are different from other travel agents, who are only sell holidays, and then pass their customers to another local agent. In these cases the Customer has to pay for two agencies; one time for the travel agent in their own country, and one time for local travel agent. You can eliminate this by booking directly us.


Most of Adventures have a maximum of 12 guests with two tour leaders and two mechanics. This allows us to dine and stay in some exclusive locations. Occasionally, we will run groups up 20 or 30 peoples. This is rare but when we do we also double the support by adding a second Vehicle. And two more tour guides, essentially running two holidays simultaneous. This way we are able to continue to provide outstanding personal services.


is a great opportunity to explore one of the last hidden secrets in Indochina, Cambodia a land full of Histories, Cultures, civilization, Native Bird, Nature and beauty, You will always feel the pulse of life and have opportunities to interact with so many different Local people along the way. Individual adventure holidays in Cambodia, especially private holidays or simply a adventure holiday out of Siem Reap, Other cities or Phnom Penh is what we recommend the active traveler who seeks for more than the inside of a minivan!!!



From your first call to the office to the last day of your holiday, you'll be well taken care of. Our office staff is happy to answer all of your inquiries and help you work out scheduling or holiday problems. Our guides are mature professionals experienced at leading our journey. They have the authority and responsibility to adjust the daily schedule and route to do better match the interests of your group. Our leaders go out of their way to help you, whether it's making sure your favorite beverage is stocked in the cooler, giving you a lift in the Vehicle, or planning a surprise birthday party for your spouse. Your Head Guide will call you the week before your holiday starts to introduce him/her self, verify pickup and Jeep information, and answer any last-minute inquiries. Personal contact. Personal service


An adventure holidays for the Adventure Jeep, cyclists and locals here in Cambodia. While taking a Jeep, a mountain bike through Cambodia you get in touch with the charming Cambodian people and their unique culture and a simple way of life. Adventure, Or A cycling Holiday native bird watching & Camping.....through Cambodia with us is the best way to discovery and sharing experience Cambodia in a very intense way!


We live in Cambodia; Cambodia is our Base, right here in a part of Indochina, and not in some other part of the world, so we don’t have to travel to get here. This saves on travel cost, which reduces the overall cost of the holidays. In addition, because we live here, our living expenses are about one-third that of living costs in more developed countries, and this helps us to keep our prices low for you. Other way, travel to Country benefits local Services and touch local people .


we work hard to keep the price of the adventure holidays affordable while still maintaining superior quality. We have structured our tours to provide the essentials without the fluff. This means the hotels are tidy and comfortable without being extravagant. Restaurants are chosen for good, wholesome food, and not costly furnishings.


Our steam members are helpful, well trained in first aid, and experienced Adventure holidays, cycling guides, Native bird watching .They are out there on the road with you providing repair assistance, translation help and encouragement.


We can supply a support vehicle to provide refreshments, mechanical assistance and carry riders when they have had enough. And for those who want to have their luggage transported, a real luxury, we can offer luggage transfer.


Our holidays are graded according to the Adventurous, native birding tours ,Camping discovery ,Jeep adventure ,and cyclist's abilities. They range from Easy to Moderate to Difficult to Strenuous to Demanding. The trail - routes we take explore this fascinating nation in ways not possible with any other form of holidays. You can have a personal experience with this once closed and forbidden country. You will be able to stop and take photos along the way, watch rice being planted or just smell the flowers while we encourage camaraderie among our guests, we do not discourage anyone from tours - riding at the speed, and in the style they are most comfortable with.
Indochina Expedition holidays begin and end in major cities in Cambodia, thus allowing connections from around the world. However, we spend most of our time in the countryside, Adventurous, Camping , native birding tours ,cycling through and spending nights in villages and small towns. It is here that one can really see the soul of Cambodia. The local people are pen, friendly, and very curious about foreigners, and generally make you feel very welcome.


Promoting our Services on the Internet is a prime example of our efforts to keep our costs down. This allows us to be more efficient in several ways. First, for advertising, we don't need to produce slick, full-color, glossy brochures, which saves money. Our correspondence costs are significantly lower because we use e-mail rather than the postal system or the telephone. As a result, we can pass these significant savings on to you.


As Jeep travelers ourselves, with many years of touring experience; we know that finances can be a major consideration. We know how to keep costs low and still provide Service of the best quality. We evaluate our jeep tours, Adventure holidays,Camping - based on our touring experience on the road, coverall tours type and we select clean, economical accommodation. We choose hygienic restaurants with quality food rather than those with expensive decorations. This means that you can enjoy the excitement of exploring another culture by jeep, bicycle ,vihecle without having to spend money on ostentatious surroundings that would actually distance you from local people and the real culture.